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Massachusetts State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg

Welcome to MassBondHolder.com. As Massachusetts State Treasurer, I greatly appreciate your interest in supporting the Commonwealth and its residents through the purchasing of our bonds. This website, for the benefit of our investors, houses information detailing the state’s finances, investor disclosure, previous bond sales, and upcoming bond offerings. Thank you for visiting.  |  Deborah B. Goldberg

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Massachusetts Investor Relations

As a leader in investor disclosure, we are dedicated to providing our bond investors with transparency regarding financial disclosure information, our borrowing programs, and upcoming bond sales.

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Why Invest in Massachusetts?

Income on Massachusetts municipal bonds are exempt from federal and state income taxes and are backed by one of the strongest and most diverse economies in the nation.

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Massachusetts COVID-19 Advisories

Stay informed about the latest advisories, cases, regulations and guidances by visiting mass.gov.

Governor's Budget

On October 14 the Governor submitted a revised fiscal year 2021 budget recommendation to continue essential government services and promote economic growth and stability amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The Administration’s revised proposal protects local aid for cities and towns and sustains eligibility and benefit levels in social safety net programs – all without relying on new taxes.

Tax Exemption

Interest on Massachusetts bonds is excluded from gross income for both federal and Massachusetts' state tax purposes.

Economic Stability

The large presence of the healthcare and higher education sectors adds stability to the Commonwealth's diverse economy.


The availability of a skilled and well-educated populace provides an important resource within the Commonwealth.


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