The Massachusetts Clean Water Trust is preparing to issue $293,030,000* State Revolving Fund Bonds, Series 24 and $111,750,000* State Revolving Fund Refunding Bonds, Series 2022.

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Preliminary Official Statement


Preliminary Official Statement


Investor Presentation


Investor Presentation


Ratings Reports


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About the Financing

Thank you for expressing interest in the Massachusetts Clean Water Trust’s upcoming financing, which is expected to be comprised of the following:

State Revolving Fund Bonds
Series 24

  • $143,330,000*
    State Revolving Fund Bonds
    Series 24A
    (Green Bonds)
  • $149,700,000*
    State Revolving Fund Bonds
    Series 24B
    (Sustainability Bonds)

State Revolving Fund Refunding Bonds
Series 2022

Timing and size of the offering are preliminary and subject to change. The Series 24A Bonds, Series 24B Bonds, and Series 2022 Bonds (collectively, the “Bonds”) are expected to be offered to individual investors during a retail order period on Wednesday, November 30th*. The Bonds will then be offered to institutional investors on Thursday, December 1st*. Individual Massachusetts investors will maintain a first priority on their orders only during the retail order period on Wednesday, November 30th* and may still place orders for any remaining Bonds on Thursday, December 1st*. For more information on the Bonds, please review the Preliminary Official Statement. This is not an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy the Bonds. Bonds may only be purchased through a broker-dealer and in conjunction with the review of the Preliminary Official Statement.

*Preliminary and subject to change.


Senior Manager


  • BofA Securities | (800) 937-0866


Co-Senior Managers


  • Citigroup | (800) 846-5200




  • Bancroft Capital | (484) 546-8000
  • Raymond James | (877) 295-9116
  • Mischler Financial Group, Inc. | (800) 820-0640
  • Ramirez & Co., Inc. | (800) 888-4086
  • UBS | (800) 225-2385