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Preliminary Official Statement


Preliminary Official Statement


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Investor Roadshow


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Green Line Extension Project Lechmere Viaduct
Source: MBTA Green Line Extension (GLX) Project - Lechmere Viaduct

Thank you for expressing interest in the Commonwealth’s upcoming financing, which is expected to comprise the following:

Commonwealth Transportation Fund Revenue Bonds (Rail Enhancement Program):

  • $168,000,000* | 2021 Series A (Sustainability Bonds)
  • $232,000,000* | 2021 Series B

Commonwealth Transportation Fund Revenue Refunding Bonds:

  • 320,000,000* | 2021 Series A

Timing and size of the offering are preliminary and subject to change. The 2021 Series A (Sustainability Bonds), 2021 Series B Bonds, and 2021 Series A Refunding Bonds (the “Bonds”) are expected to be offered to individual investors during a retail order period on Wednesday, June 9th. The Bonds will then be offered to institutional investors on Thursday, June 10th. Individual Massachusetts investors will maintain a first priority on their orders only during the retail order period on Wednesday, June 9th but may still place orders for any remaining Bonds on Thursday, June 10th. For more information on the Bonds, please review the Preliminary Official Statement. This is not an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy the Bonds. Bonds may only be purchased through a broker-dealer and in conjunction with the review of the Preliminary Official Statement. 

*Preliminary and subject to change.

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Green Line Train Science Park Viewed from Below Sunlight
Source: MBTA Green Line Extension (GLX) Project