Fiscal 2016

Each year, with the passing of the General Appropriations Act (GAA), the State Legislature sets forth the anticipated level of tax revenue collections for the duration of the fiscal year. This determination, based on consensus revenue estimates as well as legislative tax revenue changes constitutes the majority of budgetary revenues appropriated in the GAA.

Based upon these estimates, the Department of Revenue (DOR) creates quarterly and monthly tax revenue benchmarks to monitor the collection of tax-revenues throughout the year. On the third business day of each month, DOR publishes preliminary tax-revenue collections for the preceding month. These collections are presented relative to prior fiscal year monthly changes, prior fiscal year year-to-date changes and estimated benchmarks based off the GAA. Concurrently, the Department publishes a graphical representation of year-to-date tax revenue relative to a target range also based off the GAA.

The final monthly tax-revenue collection information is published in DOR’s “Blue Books”, which include comprehensive breakdowns of collected revenue. DOR also publishes mid-month revenue collection information shortly after the 15th of each month.

All of these reports, as well as quarterly revenue estimates published by the Executive Office of Administration and Finance can be found below, as well as through the toolbar dropdown options. Any other relevant tax-revenue information will be published alongside the monthly reports as it becomes available.