Real Time Disclosure

We've set the goal for Massachusetts to be the most transparent issuer in the municipal bond market by having the best disclosure possible.  How do we achieve that?  We think it starts with providing investors with disclosure on a more timely basis, in a more efficient manner.

The dedicated investor website is the tool for improving the delivery of Commonwealth disclosure to investors.  Our goal is to reduce or eliminate information gaps when it comes to disclosure, which we believe will improve the liquidity of Massachusetts bonds over the long-term.  Using our investor website, the Internet presents a pathway for collapsing the Commonwealth's disclosure cycle from bi-monthly, to potentially real time.

As you will see, the tables that are represented on these pages are pulled directly from the Commonwealth's Information Statements and Quarterly Economic Reports.  The tables containing financial and economic indicators will be updated by the Commonwealth as often as feasible.

The tables on the following pages have featuers that allow you to:

Watch this brief tutorial video to see how you can view a full data history in one click; follow your chosen tables and charts in a free dataZoa account; drag data series of interest to your desktop for further analysis; and pull your chosen data series into your own dataZoa account.